Lift, Launch, Lead:

Diann is one of the Contributing Authors of the Amazon Best-Selling Anthology, LIFT Launch Lead.  This ultimate faith-based entrepreneur's guide will encourage you to:
Pursue your dreams,
Make difficult decisions,
Overcome your fears, 
Face your challenges, and
Take control of your health.

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“Hi my name is Deborah I read Diann's portion of her book.It's funny how you think and I have known Diann for a while but when I read this it brought tears cause of what she had gone through. Knowing how a human can treat her,.not just her anybody, and to listen to Diann. Now she has come a long way with God's help.  My heart goes out to her may you continue to prosper on your journey I have listened learned."

— Deborah Lee
“Reading your chapter in
Lift Launch Lead had made me cry and smile. Your chapter was very inspiring. God has put you in some of those positions for a reason he wanted you to learn somethings and so you can teach others. The part that I love the most was when you called your ex husband and apologized and how you felt after that. Reading that part made me say we have something in common. Forgiveness is part of life.”

— Valorie Thomas
“Lift, Launch & Lead is a must read! Diann Antley's chapter in the book captivated me as she wrote about her trials and divorce in life. Myself being a divorce woman felt a deep connection in reading her story. Purchase this book it's a life changer to help you better your path in life..”

— Tawonda Seymour
Coming Summer 2021!

I am super, flat-out excited to be part of this book collaboration with "Uncle" Les Brown and Dr. Cheryl Wood! 
The 'You Are Enough' Anthology comprises messages of inspiration & empowerment to live your absolute BEST life.
With everything that's happened in the world lately, we could use a book like this to help us through these uncertain & unstable times.

I'm looking forward to sharing a Word Of Inspiration to my Queens & Kings worldwide!
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I'm looking forward to celebrating with you!
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